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Apple Snail is very popular in Aquarium Hobby. They are large freshwater snail and do not require any special maintenance.

Is apple snail good for an aquarium?

Yes, they are very helpful low maintenance aquarium snail, to clean up aquarium algae. If you want a cleaner tank then you should use Apple Snail in your aquarium.

How long do apple snails live?

For apple snail, their life expectancy is very much influenced by water temperature. Generally, They Can Live for 3 to 4 years.

Can apple snails kill fish?

No, snails don’t kill fish, they eat tank algae, uneaten fish food, or any dead matter in the tank to maintain proper tank health.

How much and How often should I feed my Apple Snail?

Apple Snail eats a lot and produces a lot of west, so you have to closely monitor that. If you have a tank full of algae then you don’t have to feed them often.


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