Hydrilla Aquatic Plant (Waterthymes)


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Hydrilla is a submersed aquatic plant and can give your aquarium a bush-like view. These plants are also known as Hydrilla Verticillata. They grow very fast with minimum care. therefore, many aquarists around the world love to have Hydrilla Verticillata in their aquarium.

Origin of Hydrilla Verticillata?

Hydrilla mainly originated from Asia. They are very commonly found in India, Sri Lanka, and Australia. But today it can be found in every part of the world.

They are found in a variety of aquatic habitats like a lake, pond, river.

What is the suitable tank size for Hydrilla?

You can put this plant in any size of the tank from small to large. However, they grow very fast and create a bush-like structure in your aquarium, and above all, they grow very tall 1 to 2 meters long.

Therefore, It is recommended to put it in a large tank. Then You will be amazed at how Hydrilla can enhance your aquarium beauty.

Suitable Temperature for this plant?

They grow well at 20-27°C. But they can tolerate even higher temperatures than that because they are found in manly shallow lakes. In those lakes, the water gets very hot in summer.

But the growth becomes slow in low temperate.


Things To Know
Quantity You Get 1 Plant Stem Cutting
Tank Setup Required Freshwater
Suitable Tank Size Small to Larger Aquarium
Temperature Requirement 68 – 80°F (20-27°C)
pH Range Like alkaline environment (7.5 to 8.5pH )
Difficulty Level Easy
Water Hardness Not Really Considered
Lighting Requirement  Very Low
CO2 Requirement Low
Plant Height
Can Grow 1 to 2 meter
Plant Propagation Buy Cutting Stem and Planting Them
Plant Origin
Asia, Africa, Australia

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