Ludwigia sp Mini ‘Super Red’ Aquarium Plant – Pot


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Things To Know
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1 Ludwigia sp Mini ‘Super Red’ Pot
Tank Setup Required: Freshwater
Suitable Tank Size: Small to Larger Aquarium
Temperature Requirement: 18 to 28 °C (64.4 to 82.4° F)
pH Range: Optimal pH (5.0 to 7.0 pH)
Difficulty Level: Easy
Water Hardness: Between 0 to 14°dKH
Lighting Requirement: Need Medium to High Light
CO2 Requirement: Don’t Need Artificial CO2.
Plant Height:
It Grows Really Fast. Generally, Height is 15 to 50cm.
Plant Propagation: Propagation is by cutting the stem and planting them in the substrate.
Plant Origin:
Generally native to Southeast Asia.
Placement in Tank: Midground to Background is a Good Choice Because of Its Height.

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