Guppy Grass (Najas Indica) Aquarium Plant

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Origin: Asian Rice Field

Light Requirement: Moderate Lighting

CO2 Requirement: It can grow even without artificial CO2.

Best Place To Plant: Guppy Grass Grow Very Fast and form a bush-like structure. So, The best place to plant it where you need bush-like looks.

Who Can Use It: Guppy Grass is a beginner-friendly plant because it does not require artificial CO2 or Too much Light or Fertilizer

How to Grow New Plant: It’s very easy all you have to do is cut extra stem and plant it and it will grow.  It’s that simple.




What is Najas Indica?

Najas  Indica or Guppy Grass is another common aquarium plant for hobbyists, Aquascaper, and Breeders. It’s very famous for guppy breeding, because of its bush-like structure. So livebearer fish fry can hide in that bush. It’s a freshwater plant, generally found in a pond, rice fields. where water movement is not that much.

Does Guppy Grass Require CO2?

Guppy Grass does not require artificial CO2. It’s very easy to grow an aquatic plant. But if you want to boost your plant growth then you can add artificial CO2. which will increase its Growth.

How to plant Guppy Grass in Aquarium?

Basically, you don’t need any special kind of soil to grow this plant. you can just use normal sand or if you want you can just float it in your aquarium.

Origin of Najas Indica or Guppy Grass?

Native to Asia (Found in Rice Fields)

pH Level Require for Guppy Grass?

Guppy Grass is a very hardy plant and can tolerate a wide variety of water pH levels. For quick growth of Guppy Grass pH range of 6.0 – 8.0 pH is good for this plant.

Water temperature require for Guppy Grass?

Guppy Grass requires a water temperature of around 68-80°F (20-26°C). So, as you can see Guppy Grass can grow in very cold water conditions and can sustain High water temperature conditions.

Lighting requirement for Najas Indica?

For Guppy Grass, you need moderate light to grow. but if you give too much light then its leaf becomes yellowish.


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