Vallisneria Gigantea – Jungle Val Aquatic Plant


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Vallisneria Gigantea is commonly known as Jungle Val in the aquarists community. They are freshwater aquatic plants and used by many aquarists around the world for their aquarium hobby.

Where are they originated from?

They are mainly found in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa, and Europe. Therefore, they are used in a tropical freshwater aquarium.

What is the suitable tank size of  Vallisneria Gigantea?

Vallisneria plants have quite many different varieties, popular are Vallisneria Nana, Vallisneria Spiralis, Vallisneria Gigantea. However, among them, Vallisneria Gigantea can grow very tall. an Average size plant can grow above 30cm in height. Therefore, you need a large aquarium for this plant.

Suitable Temperature for this plant?

Jungle Val is a very hardly aquatic plant and thrives in a wide range of aquatic conditions. However, the optimum temperate for this plat is 13°C to 28°C.


Things To Know
Quantity You Get 1 Plant
Tank Setup Required Freshwater
Suitable Tank Size Larger Aquarium
Temperature Requirement 56 – 82°F (13 – 28 °C)
pH Range 7.7 to 8.2 pH
Difficulty Level Easy
Water Hardness Not Really Considered
Lighting Requirement  Medium
CO2 Requirement Low
Plant Height
Can Grow 30cm+
Plant Propagation Runners
Plant Origin
Asia, Africa, Europe

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